Subtitling and translation

Translation of the media

Subtitling a corporate video into many languages? Choose us. We do this all the time. inVision Subtitling was established at the end of 1992. We are a multimedia company specialised in translating and subtitling. Besides the common European languages we specialise in languages like Chinese, Arabic and Japanese.

You import the subtitles on your timeline as a transparent quicktime. No loss of accents or exotic characters. And all done by one keystroke.

By using our transparent quicktime editors can import our dead sharp subtitles into video editing software like Avid, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere with just ONE keystroke. Other formats are pac, 890, stl, spruce, srt, txt, ebu-tt, etc.

If you want to know how much it will cost you to subtitle a video, please click here for a quote. No minimum fee and no VAT.

Our clients are public broadcasters like NPO1, 2 and 3, commercial TV channels (both national and international) like the Disney channels. We provide subtitles for companies (the very big but also the very small ones), DVD distributors, (TV) producers, foundations, b2b, private individuals and all others.

Looking for reasonably priced subtitling software? Mail us.

Best service and quality

We provide the best service and quality for the best price, 24/7.

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Machine translation (MT) for subtitles

We are working on it. One day machine translation will help us, but before that, translation / subtitling is still manual labour. Today, NMT (Neural Machine Translation) is the best we have in this field. Contact us for a free test run.