Transparent quicktime with subtitles for Avid, Final Cut Pro and Premiere

The import of subtitles in Avid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas is not only time consuming for editors, it's also a lot of hustle and bustle with wrong or lost accents. And the software plugins that work with EBU STL offer a disappointing result. Ugly characters. The same applies to the import of SRT and EDL.

We have created a unique way to deliver subtitles as a transparent quicktime film with alpha channel. You place the quicktime on the upper video track in a NLE program like Avid, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

With the import of our patented transparent quicktime on the timeline, you don't have all these setbacks. You will have beautiful and dead sharp characters. All characters in the world are supported. More benefits: you can cut individual subtitle(s), move subtitles, up and downscale font size. One and the same transparent quicktime for every framerate!

Click here for a 16:9 transparent quicktime sample to import on your timeline.

We can deliver every format: analog or digital: MXF, quicktime, mpg, wmv, flash, EBU-TT, HD, SD, DVD, film (35mm and 16mm), digital betacam, SP, mini-DV, DV, DVCAM, HDCAM, 'super black', letterbox, anamorphic, etc etc. You can contact us for complete DVD and Blu-ray productions, with or without subtitles. We also do conversions to DVD-authoring-software (Encore, Spruce Maestro, DVD Studio Pro, etc) or video editing software.